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Business Awards Finalist

Me Time Therapy Clinic in Port Macquarie

At Me Time Therapy we love to empower you so you can become the best version that you can be. We are showing you the way to vibrant health in everything we do with a holistic approach and your best interest at heart.

Is back, neck & shoulder pain, headache, stress, soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, arthritis, sciatica and insomnia affecting your quality of life?

Do you need relief from pain so you can give your best at work and during your favorite activities ?

At Me Time we specialise in pain relief!

Our hands-on treatments helps alleviate soft tissue discomfort associated with every day and occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pain conditions.

We use a combination of Remedial Therapy & Myotherapy Techniques, the use of Deep and light pressure, combining Advanced Trigger Point Therapy also called Neuromuscular Therapy. Myofascial Release, Muscle Activation & Muscle Energy Techniques, Deep Tissue, Rehabilitation advice ...

Our approach is gentle but effective we understand that when you give the nervous system a chance to relax then tension, muscles knots, Trigger Points can be released effectively and it is usely pain free.

Relaxation is really the key to recovery!

After our treatment you will feel relaxed and that your muscles have been worked on but it is not a full body relaxation massage.

If you think that you have tried everything but haven't found relief then you might want to give our highly skilled therapists a call as it can be the missing link for your quest for pain relief...

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