Say Goodbye to Your Body Pain

Hands-on therapies to help you relieve pain and reset your body in Port Macquarie.


“Before I went, I was a total Pain-Wreck. My Muscles all seized up. Pain unbearable….Khloe, working on my trigger-points put me back together and got me functioning again.”

Rob C.

I have had a neck problem since my mid twenties from a car accident. After one session, yes one session, my neck has been the best ever!!”

Bron W.

“Me Time is the only place to go. Whenever we are in Port Macquarie, we make sure we have a session booked in for both myself and my partner.”

Ben W.


“Why Me Time Therapy works when other treatments I’ve tried didn’t help much?”

Most people still live with chronic pain daily after they’ve tried various treatments, e.g. massage, physio, acupuncture…until they try the Me Time’s holistic and hands-on pain relief approach.

Common pains & conditions we treat:

Back pain

Neck pain

Frozen shoulder


Joint pain


Did you know 1 in 5 Australian adults lives with chronic pain?

Is chronic pain affecting your daily life?

  • Tried various treatments and they just didn’t work?
  • Thought the pain would ‘self-heal’ but it never did?
  • Injuries from an accident still haven’t fully recovered?
  • Refusing to work because the pain becoming unbearable?
  • Not being able to play sports because of the pain?
  • Muscles all seized up and not listening to you?

“While holidaying in Port, decided to book an appointment with Khloe. After many years of pain and only 1 visit, I feel 100% better! Highly recommended.”

Robert S.

“[Me Time] has been my therapist for a long time now and I get regular massages weekly for my scoliosis and sciatica, I can see and feel a big improvement in my back and hips pain.”

Tane H.

“My 16 year old daughter has not just improved but excelled. Her head aches are gone and her posture is back!”

Evelina K.

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What happens when I make my first appointment?

1. Initial Assessment

We will ask you some questions about your condition and do a simple physical assessment

2. Get A Customised Treatment Plan

Base on the assessment, we will tailor a treatment plan for you that will reset your body to its optimal state

3. Say Goodbye to Pain

Follow through the treatment plan and you will regain your range of motion gradually and naturally


Focus Treatment for Pain Relief & Body Reset Treatment


Consultation + First Treatment

(60-Min session)

  • Chronic pain (more than 6 weeks)
  • Tried other treatments, yet haven’t fully recovered
  • Muscle strength enhancement

Remedial Massage Therapy



  • Remedial
  • Relaxation
  • Deep tissue
  • Pre/ Post Sports massage

“My shoulder was frozen due to an injury. I had been having physio and acupuncture which was helping manage the pain but not much else…after the first visit I already had a better range of motion…I almost have full range back.”

Jasmin S.

“Like many others I came across Khole [Me Time Therapy] on Facebook. Wasn’t that just the best phone call I ever made. She is just fabulous and professional.”

Karen B.

I’ve been in pain for 12 days straight with multiple migraines & yucky headaches. At the end of my tether, I visited [Me Time Therapy]. Not only did she FIX me but she also educated me to prevent a reoccurrence!”

Anya D.

Common questions before your first visit:

Will the pain relief treatment hurt?

Most people think that if they want to relieve pain, they must go through pain (No pain, no gain), but this is not the case for Me Time Therapy.

We believe that it does not have to hurt to help.

The approach of our treatment is all about relaxation and working with your nervous system instead of going against your body.

Do I need to prepare anything for the initial assessment?

No, but we might ask you some questions about your current conditions and your health history to help us customise the treatment for you.

Will this work if I've already tried physio and acupuncture?

Most of our clients have also tried various treatments in the past, e.g. massage, physio, acupuncture.

The reason why the Me Time Therapy’s pain relief treatment is so different because it is a combination of remedial therapy, myotherapy techniques, and advanced trigger point therapy, which allows your body to reset to its optimal state. This is also known as Neuromuscular Therapy.

How many sessions will I need for the pain relief treatment?

We won’t be able to tell exactly how many sessions until we have done the initial assessment.

But typically, a course of treatments is recommended for best results usually 4 to 6 sessions for chronic pain complaints.

Great relief can be achieved in one session but if you are looking at resolving the cause then further sessions can be necessary.

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No one should live with chronic pain.

See what people said after their treatment.

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